Monday, 31 March 2014

Putting the universe together again

April 2014

Imagine a world where it is possible to win the battle against weeds in the lawn and brambles in the hedge.

Imagine a world where buildings can go up that will never collapse, where engines don’t fail, where plans succeed and crops are healthy; where work is never futile.

Imagine a world where governments always serve, where power is not abused, where the things that “must never happen again” never happen again.

Imagine a world where people no longer give up all hope that justice will be done to those who destroyed their family, stole their land or emptied their bank account.

Imagine a world where the things I have done wrong can be atoned for, and the relationships I have damaged can be restored.

Imagine a world where people never hear devastating news from doctors, where life does not become harder and harder as the years advance, where death is not an invincible enemy.

Of course it’s a fantasy world, isn’t it?  This is so far removed from our experience of life on this planet that we can hardly imagine such a world existing without a major overhaul; a complete strip-down of the universe with all the parts put back together in a very different arrangement, almost a whole new creation.

But what if there had been a time when just such a reversal of the universe had been seen?  What if there had been a man whose whole life work never once had the shadow of futility and despair fall across it?

Imagine if we lived in a world where, even just once, a dead man had lived again, with a new kind of body that would never weaken, age or die. 

Imagine the glimmer of solid hope that might be to us!

Happy Easter!

Graham Burrows