Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Long-Distance Relationship?

August 2014

Dear Xxxxx

Thank you for contacting us about Christening/Baptism for your son.  I understand how much the strong links that you have with Burton and with St James' Church must mean to you even though you don't live in the area anymore.  Since moving here I have met many people who feel that Burton will always be 'home'.  However, baptism is about belonging to a Christian congregation (as well as a declaration of your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ). When a child is baptised the local church family is publicly welcoming a child who has begun to worship with them each week, and as parents you promise that you will, by your example, draw them into the church family, walk with them in following Christ, and help them to take their place in the life and worship of Christ's Church. This makes no sense if you live too far away to be able to come to church here each week.

I hope that there is a church near you where you could worship each week (if you need help finding one then let me know where you are living and I will do my best to help) and I am sure the minister there would be willing to talk to you about Christening/Baptism for your son. In fact, if you are not already involved in a local church, then I would remind you that your parents promised you to Jesus Christ at your own baptism here in Burton and the congregation all said: "Fight valiantly as a disciple of Christ against sin, the world and the devil, and remain faithful to Christ to the end of your life." As you care for your son and think about his future, don't miss the opportunity to think about who you belong to and what was promised on your behalf.

If you have questions about anything I've said do come back to me.

With very best wishes

Graham Burrows