Saturday, 2 September 2017

The human animal?

September 2017

Has a cat ever wondered what life must be like for Smudge who lives next door?

Do blackbirds decide that next year they will build an improved kind of nest, better than any built before?

Do dogs leave old Rover’s food in his bowl for when he wakes up because it would be wrong for them to eat it?

Has a nightingale ever decided it would like to have a go at writing some new songs?

Does a fox feel that there must surely be some reason why he is alive?

Would goats be upset if they heard that drought in Africa is killing their cousins?

Did Mr and Mrs Beaver have a desire to gather their relations as witnesses while they promised undying love to each other?

When sharks kill half of the shoal, do the remaining herring think, “It should have been me”?

Can a penguin be cross with herself?

Does a cow wonder what her children will remember about her when she is gone?

Do monkeys spend much time on food presentation and beautiful table decorations?

Do owls look up at the stars and think about how big the universe is and how small owls are?

Has a dolphin ever wondered, “what if I’d lived my life differently?”

When did a rabbit last catch himself thinking about who made him, and why?

So why do we do these things?


Graham Burrows