Monday, 1 November 2021

A problem shared ...

November 2021, to the people of Holme

Dear Friends

You will have received with this Parish Newsletter a Tower Appeal leaflet which explains the extensive repair work that needs to be done at Holy Trinity church.  Stonework needs repointing to keep the rain out and rotten floors must be replaced throughout the full height of the tower.  The leaflet gives much more detail on all that needs to be done.

Some people have been working hard for over 18 months to reach this point.  Thorough investigations have taken place to find the cause of the pervasive damp in the tower and to discover the extent of damage to wooden joists and floorboards.  We have worked with historic building and church clock specialists, our church architect and a structural engineer to draw up a specification for the work that needs to be done and we have obtained the necessary permission for the restoration to take place.  Contractors have been invited to tender for the work and by the time this goes to print we should know who we intend to appoint to carry out the project.  The congregation have been invited to give towards the repairs (and a few others have become aware of the need) and I am pleased to say that more than £18,000 has already been given or pledged.  That is amazing – thank you!

But now it is time to ask everyone in the village and others with links to Holme to consider supporting this work if you can.  Holme Church, like all churches, is not funded from government taxes or central Church of England finances but primarily by the generous giving of local people.  The giving of the congregation pays the day-to-day bills and the costs of ministry and for routine maintenance but a large project like this is beyond our means.  And yet we know that many who live here value the presence of this building built in the heart of the village for the public worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many want it to be safeguarded for the future and kept in good repair.  If you can help in any way we would be very grateful.

You can find more information on the repair work and how you can give:

·         In the Church Tower Appeal leaflet

·         At our Open Afternoon on Sunday 21st November

·         On our church website at

·         On the Burton and Holme Churches YouTube channel:

With many thanks,

Graham Burrows

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